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My name is Tonya. I was born and grew up in Ukraine, and have lived in the United States, the United Kindom, Kazakhstan and The Netherlands.

I know first hand what an international house move entails and how to make the best of settling in the new country.
Ever since I could choose, I have prioritised the quality of the house or flat I lived in. Home is of great value to me on a deep emotional level, I simply need to always want to come home!
After 17 years of successful corporate career, where in one of my roles I supported expatriates moving around the globe, I have established Nothing Basic. to help people navigate complexities of the end to end property search and development and design process. I offer my customers problem solving and project management skills, as well as a broad network of specialists to deliver excellent results. My home country, Ukraine has deep craftsmanship traditions and a huge pool of creative talent, and I am proud to represent them in Europe.