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This multi-dimensional project aims to transform an 1817 country house, farm, and surrounding estate in the northern Dutch province of Drenthe into a combination of family home, historical family stay accommodation and flexible event space.

Passion driven, this project originates with a dream to live in the country and be close to and in touch with nature. It began with an extensive search of the right property and engagement with the local community and real estate agents, so that when this farmhouse in Havelte became available, we were best positioned to successfully bid for it.
The Farmhouse is a National Monument with many authentic details throughout. It is also situated on protected land, which means that we need to have a respectful renovation plan, and navigate village, province and state authorities for permits to realise this renovation.
We became the property owners in March 2022, and plan to submit architectural drawings for all the planned improvements in May 2022. Watch this space for upcoming developments.
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