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in the Dunes.
This project began when I spotted the first adverts for the Finest of Ockenburgh development near the Kijkduin beach in The Hague. I said, “This will be a great place to live!”
Finest of Ockenburgh, or Duinvallei street in The Hague, is a visually unified neighbourhood of 60 rental and owned apartments, and 54 villas and townhouses. Located 10 minutes’ walk from the beach, 5 minutes’ walk from the International School of The Hague and 30 minutes bike ride to the centre of The Hague, it combines the best of both city living and natural surroundings.
Early on I could envisage that this development would turn out special. We had no plans of moving at the time and decided to purchase the flat as an investment opportunity.

Decisiveness, early engagement and research of project plans and the area allowed us to secure a uniquely positioned apartment within the development: furthest from the main road, facing the dune and high enough to enjoy unobstructed views from the panoramic window.

Meanwhile, life threw some curveballs at us, and coming back from a work assignment in Kazakhstan in the middle of the first COVID-19 wave, we moved into the apartment ourselves. We have loved it so much that we decided to keep it as a pied-a-terre in The Hague while pursuing a large farm redevelopment in the north of The Netherlands.
In the first 1.5 years since the delivery of the apartment it has appreciated c. 30%. We expect this to further increase in 2023 when the Kijkduin beach and boulevard redevelopment is completed.
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