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expat orientation.
The package includes an introductory meeting, research and a meeting where best areas for you to live will be shared, with examples of properties in those areas.
As you are planning your move to The Netherlands, one of the first decisions you will need to make is where exactly to live. Usually you have to make that decision before you know enough about the place, yet you will feel the consequences of this decision every day of your stay.

Surely, there will be some obvious expat neighbourhoods, and friends and colleagues may give you some tips - but will not necessarily lead you to the most optimal choice for you and your family.
At Nothing basic. we take time to understand the needs of you and your family, including work, commute, schooling, personal preferences, budget etc. and help you choose the best area for you.

give us a call.
Are you planning an international move to The Netherlands, looking to find a new home, or simply planning to upgrade your kitchen — give us a call.